Go Books You Touch

The world's first system for publishing immersive, interactive e‑books about the Oriental game of go.


Go Books You Touch is an EPUB 3-based framework for publishing materials about the Oriental game of go. It works with any modern reading system. It is interactive, animated, and engaging. Document preparation is simple.


Go Books You Touch is designed to reduce authoring effort to a minimum. An AI-based parser identifies text to link to the board. This speeds time to market and reduces costs.


Go Books You Touch supports all languages including vertical writing. And as you can see below, the same system works perfectly for publishing on the web as well as e-books. And books are readable on non-EPUB 3 devices thanks to fallback to static images.

About the Example

Here is a simple example of Go Books You Touch in action. Click or tap on the highlighted portions of the text to see those moves played on the board. Or, mouse over a move on the board to see its related commentary. You can also use the VCR-like controls below the board (or mouse wheel over the board) to play through the sequences. The pink text is a link to an external encyclopedia.

Live Example (best viewed in Chrome)

{!makeBoard fig1|size=x-large} {!makeVariation|id=dia1|board=fig1|vtn=dia1|rebase=no} {!insert|board=fig1}

{+}{@fig1} This diagram shows {?joseki} sequences starting with the hoshi move at Black 1.

White 2 is a common approach move.

After Black 3 and White 4, the most commom move is for Black to extend at 5.

{@dia1}Depending on the situation, however, he may also want to 5|block.