Books You Touch

We create interactive e-books based on a unique platform which seamlessly links textual and graphic information.


The Books You Touch platform is an EPUB 3-based technology framework for interactive e-books which seamlessly link textual and graphic information.

With Books You Touch, you merely tap text to animate diagrams. You tap graphics to highlight related text. And VCR-like controls let you walk through animated diagrams.


Books You Touch conforms completely to EPUB 3, meaning our books can be read by all standards-based readers, including iBooks on iPad.

EPUB 3 extends the successful EPUB 2 standard with scriptability, audio, video, and multilanguage support. It is based on industry standards including HTML5/CSS3. It was developed by a broad industry coalition.


The first applications of Books You Touch are for board games, including chess and go, an oriental board game. It is a great medium for presenting teaching materials, commen­taries, and problem sets. Adaptations for learning and travel are in the works.

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